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     Club Jummana Corporation is a family operated business in Ontario, Canada. Club Jummana Corporation manufactures its own Brand “VANME” in highly reputed professional manufacturing plants, who manufacture products for most big brands and high chain stores around the world. We are committed to using high quality materials and construction and will continue to do so as we add more product lines and collections. We offer different levels of construction, quality and price to meet a vast majority of consumer needs to the best of our ability. Club Jummana corporation is on its way to evolve and continue to grow, and flourish; we hope you will join us in this journey of success.

     Club Jummana Corporation management are experienced in the manufacturing, distribution and retail industry for many years and the well trained sales team boasts its presence through the era of online technology and “brick-and-mortar”  to open its sales channels to the consumers around the globe. We are delighted to drive high quality products from both famous and non-famous brands around the world with very reasonable and comparative price points right to your doorstep.

     Our mission is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction through providing a variation of quality and a variety of day-to-day and seasonal products to choose from; to match the customers’ exact wants and needs. Club Jummana is looking to expand and diversify their product range and will include the latest in apparel, accessories, home, kitchen, bath, and hardware. We are excited to advance and grow throughout this journey in developing our brand. Our highly trained staff are working hard to put all your needs together and make shopping easy for you and your loved ones.

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